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TransForce Creates Partnership to Recoup Methane and Use to Produce Electricity on Hydro‐Québec Grid

Montreal, Quebec, July 12, 2012 - TransForce Inc. (TSX: TFI), a North American leader in the
transportation and logistics industry, today announced that its Environmental Services division has
formed a partnership with Quebec‐based Terreau Biogaz Inc. to convert methane to electricity from
its Granby and Sainte‐Cécile‐de‐Milton, Quebec landfill sites. The electricity has been placed on the
Hydro‐Québec grid as of June 29th. In its first year, the project will produce one megawatt of power,
roughly enough electricity to power about 450 homes. That will double to two megawatts next year
and at its peak the facility will generate three megawatts. The $10 million investment in the project,
will allow for the sale of electricity to Hydro Québec for a 24 year period.

“In addition to generating electricity, the project will reduce greenhouse gas production at the Granby
site and will contribute to the Quebec government's 2012‐2020 climate change goal of lowering
greenhouse gas emissions by 20% versus the base year of 1990,” explained Marc Couture, General
Manager of Terreau Biogaz.

“As well as collecting methane from the new cells at the Granby site, we have retrofitted the old
landfill with a gas collection system to also feed the generators. We estimate this will reduce the
release of greenhouse gases from the old landfill by about 30,000 tonnes of CO2 per year. This is a
further example of our teams’ innovation, underlining TransForce’s commitment to the environment
and revenue generation. We thank Hydro‐Québec, MRC de La Haute‐Yamaska, Granby, and Sainte‐
Cécile‐de‐Milton municipal officials who have been most supportive with this project,” commented
Alain Bédard, Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer of TransForce.

TransForce has commenced a similar project at its Moose Creek landfill in Eastern Ontario.
Construction on the facility is underway and it is expected to be selling power into the grid by
October. At its peak, the facility should generate close to seven megawatts of power annually.

Terreau is a Quebec‐based company specializing in waste management, biogas and processing for
energy and materials. The company provides expertise in management and operation of facilities for
the duration of the contract, in a long term partnership.